Top Brands Globally and in Canada

Typically my blogs tend to be about general business practices and ideas for small business. But with about 20 years in marketing, I still am still very attached to this function and its various attributes and elements.

One of those elements is brand and I could write for hours about brand and its importance to a company. That will come another day.

Today, I thought I would simply re-produce the top brands (as recently determined) for Canada and the Globe followed by a few observations.

Global – 2011 Ranking of The Top 100 Brands compiled by Interbrand. Here are the top 25 brands for 2011 vs. 2010 and (for fun) vs. 2005:

Ranking of Top 25 Global Brands

Ranking of Top 25 Global Brands. Source: Interbrand

Canada – Ipsos Reid Poll of Leading Edge Brands from Ipsos Reid. Here are the top 25 for 2011 and their global rank, if applicable:

Ranking of Top 25 Brands in Canada. Source: Ipsos Reid


  • Predictably, Apple moved way up the global rank from #17 to #8.
  • Less predictably, Apple is ONLY ranked #8 globally … but is #1 in Canada.
  • Staying power: Of the top 25 in 2005, 18 of them are still in the top 25 six years later.
  • Coca-Cola, IBM, Microsoft and GE are the kings with consistent year over year top 5 showings. McDonald’s and Intel are no slackers either.
  • Facebook and Twitter not on the global list, likely due to the fact that they are not public companies yet.
  • Where’s WalMart? Not even in the top 100 globally!
  • Thomson Reuter (with Blackberry, are the two Canada companies in the global 100) is #36 globally but does not show up the Canada list.

Its safe to assume that a very big reason that these companies are all highly ranked for brand is that they believe in and invest in marketing.

In too many companies, especially small ones, Marketing is considered to be a luxury and not a necessity and is almost always the first area for budget cuts when tough times arrive. What do top brand companies do when tough times arrive? Frequently, they’ll increase their marketing efforts not cut them because its considered an investment not an expense.

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