B2B and Small Business Miscellany for February 24, 2012

B2B and Small Business Miscellany for February 24, 2012

Word cloud for all the content in this week's picks!

Throughout each week, I share what I consider to be interesting articles, blogs or web pages/sites about B2B and small business. I appreciate quality so I’m somewhat selective about what I pass along.

The best way to keep track of these is to follow me on Twitter at @bizcompare. But in case you missed any, here’s a list of my faves that I sent out this past week.

Sales & Marketing:

Leadership, Management & People:

Web & Social Media:

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3 Responses to “B2B and Small Business Miscellany for February 24, 2012”

  1. Zoomit.ca says:

    B2B and Small Business Miscellany for February 24, 2012 | BizCompare.com…

    This week’s top content for B2B and small business including: B2B marketing pitfalls, branding, employee turnover, online tools, blogging, Pinterest and more….

  2. Thank’s for including the link to Marketo’s content. We work really hard to create useful information for sales and marketing professionals.

    We also have a series of toolkits we’ve been releasing since the fall specifically for small business that your audience may find useful. You can see them here: http://spark.marketo.com/marketing-automation/toolkits

    Really great blog and so happy to be a part of it!

  3. Geoff Vincent says:

    Hi Maria,
    a) You’re welcome.
    b) Marketo is in my reader and I always find you have good content of interest to me and my audience.
    c) I love toolkits and resources so I’ll take good look at the link you gave me and promote accordingly.
    d) Have a great day.

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