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Small business owners and vacation: An oxymoron?

Monday, December 19th, 2011

‘Tis the season for folks to try to take some time off work. For small business owners, this is much easier said than done since (typically) so much of what a company does day to day revolves around or includes the business owner.

Just today, going through my Google Reader and other daily routines, I came across at least three blogs or articles with stats, advice and options on this topic:

Executive Street (CEO thought leadership blog) cites a recent study about business owners and the likelihood that they’ll be home for the holidays:

  • Over 70% expect to increase their work load during the holidays relative to last year.
  • About 86% will accept work calls during this period.

See related infographic about the crazy hours small business owners work.

Fortune Magazine acknowledges that its no easy task for a business owner to take time off but it can be done. A few hints: (more…)